Jonathan Walther

Jonathan Walther

    • Financial Advisor
    As a car guy, Jon knows – when you’re in the right vehicle, getting to your destination is more enjoyable and can feel effortless. Whether you have a farm truck or a sports car, everyone has unique requirements and preferences in order to satisfy their needs. Similarly, there are various investment vehicles that individuals can implement to accomplish their retirement goals. But where do you start? In his role as a financial advisor at Romagna Wealth Management, Jon works diligently to understand clients’ unique situations, create achievable plans, and guide clients to their goals as life circumstances change.

    Prior to joining Romagna Wealth Management, Jon worked at Stephens Inc., a family-owned Investment Bank in Little Rock, Arkansas. His primary duties focused on Institutional Equity Research covering financial institutions. As an equity research associate, Jon worked closely with the financial institutions team to prepare comprehensive company and industry research reports. This research was utilized to provide equity investment recommendations to institutional clients.

    Before entering the financial services industry, Jon graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a bachelor’s degree in finance, as well as completing a rigorous 21-month applied finance program known as the Investment Management Certificate Program (IMCP). While in the IMCP, he helped manage ~$10 million in portfolios, executed in-depth fundamental company analysis, and presented portfolio performance / risk characteristics to the IMCP advisory council.

    Along with Steve’s 25+ years of financial experience and product depth, Jon draws on his investment experience to have a positive impact on clients at Romagna Wealth Management.

    Outside of the office, Jon has a passion for all things automotive and enjoys everything the state has to offer – from varied seasonal activities to Wisconsin sports. Having grown up in Germantown, he was excited to have the opportunity to come home to his native Wisconsin and be in a position where he can use his financial knowledge to have a positive impact on clients in his local community. When you see him, ask him what he’s working on in the garage!